Q&A with Vianca Soleil

Q&A with Vianca Soleil

Vianca Soleil Roquero is an interior designer and founder of Unna. About a year ago, she left Manila and moved to the small and untouched island of Puro in Romblon, Philippines to build Unna, a beach home which she designed. Apart from interior design, she has also done other creative work such as photography and art direction. Most of what she is doing now revolves around the island. 


Tell us a little about how you got your IG taking off into being a full-time inspirational island muse. 

Thank you for putting it that way. I guess, things just fell into place. This is something I didn’t plan but I’ve always loved photography and creative styling. Moving to the island gave me a chance to further explore these passions. There’s so much beauty in Romblon and being able to share it with others, from my point of view is something I really enjoy and value. 

What is so special on waking up in your beautiful home Unna?

That my bed is only about twenty steps from the shore. The early morning swims and being able to start each day amongst nature. We’re really grateful to call this place home.



‘‘There’s so much beauty in Romblon and being able to share it with others, from my point of view is something I really enjoy and value’’


What is your daily morning routine on the island?

It changes from time to time depending on the tide and work on the property. I’m not much a routine person but I always start the day by the shore, watching the sunrise while planning what to accomplish for the day. Then I either go for a swim or run. 


Shells or Flowers? 

I really enjoy creating with flowers as I briefly worked as a florist but lately I’m more surrounded with shells. 

Bags or Hats? 

Definitely hats, I’m always wearing one.

What is your favourite home made local dish of the island? 

This dish called ‘Sarsa’ which can only be found in Romblon. It’s made of freshwater shrimp, young coconut, ginger and chilli. They’re grounded together and wrapped in banana leaf. It’s quite an unusual taste for a Filipino dish.


How would you describe your personal style?

Most of the time, low-key and utilitarian. Sometimes, really playful. Same with interiors, I stick to basic and raw forms then add some element of playfulness and humour.

What is to you the perfect conscious holiday outfit to roam around the island in? 

The first items that come to mind - an oversized linen shirt, swimsuit underneath, a current favourite hat and barefooted.


What is your favourite place to go on the islands for treasure hunting? 

On weekends we usually hike around the island. Puro is quite small that it only takes less than two hours to encircle it. I’ve collected a lot of stones, shells and photos of some of the best sunrises I’ve ever seen. 

What is your favourite home object / accessory from around the islands?

This giant antique clam shell given by a neighbour and a stack of rolled buri leaves which I turned into a side table.


‘‘I've collected a lot of stones, shells and photos of some of the best sunrises I've ever seen’’


Tell us a little about your favourite holiday destinations?

There are so many but my top three would be Japan, Russia and Tibet. Japan just warms my heart. I would love to go back to Nara and spend a day biking around and feeding the deers. Russia because the atmosphere there is totally unique and I would love to see more of its Soviet architecture and Tibet because I would love learn more about Buddhist culture. 

Where on holiday did you’ve experienced the most beautiful sunset? 

I can’t forget the beach sunsets in Sri Lanka and also the people, they are so warm.

How do you unwind after a long day around the island? 

The same way I start the day, by the shore to catch the sunset. It’s the time I get to be idle and reflect for the day.

More of Vianca Soleil and her beautiful island home Unna? Follow her journey on Romblon island via IG here.

Words & Images by Vianca Soleil

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