Q&A with Alena Larionova

Q&A with Alena Larionova

A beauty in the raw, island muse Alena Larionova is an all-round creative doing styling, modelling and designing jewellery for her own brand Hokumoon. She's to us the real blond version of Blue Lagoon star Brooke Shields living her most modern pure life on the island of Bali.


Tell us a little, how did you get into being an inspiring island model & creator?

I used to work full time as a model having contracts in different countries and then I decided to head over to Bali and from the first moment, I fell in love. Bali's nature and living all year around the sun is just amazing. Creating content here makes me a very happy and satisfied women.

What is your favourite aspect of living on an island?

It seems to me that there is more sun on the island, and even if the days are sometimes gray and gloomy, they still look so positive. Bali is a mood.



What is your favourite hideaway to check into on the island of Bali?

Sumberkima Hill, it’s just an unbelievably beautiful place on the mountains and comes with a stunning ocean view.

What do you like most about the Indonesian Islands?

The diversity of fresh, sweet and yummy fruits all around the islands!



Early mornings or late nights?

Both because it's completely different and at the same time a special time in its own way!

Mango or Durian ?

Mangooo for sure, durian I love too but not everyday :)



We've shot our latest summer collection together! What is so special about the island of Sumba?

Loved the collection and Sumba is just such a magical place to shoot. The nature that is still so untouched, it looks beautifully wild! And the air, oh it's so fresh!

Your IG feed is a real translation of the movie Blue Lagoon, what inspires you most out of that movie? And how many times have you watched it by now?

Probably it was the closest way of how humans should live, close nature. The way they built the house, what they ate and how their day passed on the island. Haha I've watched this movie about 6-7 times and I still can't get enough of it!



Do you have any travel plans to look forward to?

Can't wait to travel back to Sumba and maybe exploring other islands in Indonesia.

What is your life motto?

Listen to  yourself - all the answers are inside you.



Words & Images by Alena Larionova
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