Puro island with Vianca Soleil

Puro island with Vianca Soleil

Our first in our series of Island Memoirs with stories of islanders living a life more slow, conscious, communal and in harmony with all that their islands have to offer.

We've came across a small and untouched island with no roads nor establishments in the Romblon Province of the Philippino archipelagos. Puro island is home to a small local community including Vianca Soleil where she designed and build her dream home.


White beaches, ancient palm trees, authentic beach huts, undulating hills and wooden local fisher boats is what draws the island. Life on this intimate island is calming but at the same time exploring. From crystal clear swims to catching your own seafood at the coves, its an island of self sustaining. 

The Romblon province relies on its agriculture of copra or dried coconut kernels to make coconut oil. No wonder that the island is full of tempting coconut trees.  

Immersed in nature, Puro’s mainly activities include: collecting sea shells, going for a mountain hike, fishing, weaving straw hats, swimming in crystal clear waters, bird watching and sunsets.


A day of Vianca on Puro island 

05:30 | Sunrise
06:00 | Morning walk along the shore
07:00 | Outdoor breakfast
08:00 | Work on Unna
11:00 | Preparing seafood bought from fisherman neighbor
12:00 | Clams and uni for lunch
15:00 | Taking the boat and going for a swim
16:00 | Weaving a palm hat at the beach
17:00 | Afternoon hike in the hills
18:00 | Dinner
19:00 | Movie night with the kid neighbors


Words & images by Vianca Soleil

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